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How To Create SEO Friendly Permalinks For Blogger Posts

Create SEO Friendly Permalinks For Blogger Posts

Hello Friends Today Article For Blogger SEO Optimization; This Article Helps You To Rank Your Blog Post In Google Search Engine. 
Before Gonna Main Article Known What Is Permalink ? 👀

How To Create SEO Friendly Permalinks For Blogger Posts

Permalinks Are Often Rendered Simply, that is, as Friendly URLs. Blog Posts Usually Made With Title,Date,Body,Comments, permalink, and Label/category. Permanent Link is Used to Refer to a Particular Article,Blog post for Many Years into the Future.

Advantages Of Permalink: 
  • Build the Structure of Our Website/Blog and Improving Our SEO.
  • Permalinks Can Make the Difference Between Our Article Staying Relevant and Ranking High on Google Search Engine.

How To Create SEO Friendly Permalink 👇😀

Login Your Blogger Blog;

Go to Post Section and Click New Post Option.

After Writing Your Proper Article & Complete Your Writing.

While Publishing Your First Post Create a Shorter Title, around 35 Characters Long.

Next Click On Right Side Permalink Option, Click To Custom Permalink Option &  Edit the Same Post and Replace the Shorter Title .

After Removed Published Dated It's Look Like Below Types.

Before Publishing: 👇

After Publishing: 👇

Finally Saved And Ready To Publish Your Post.

How To Make Good SEO Friendly Permalink:

➤ Choose Unique Permalink : Avoid Two Article Same Permalink.

➤Choose Your Keyword As a Blogger, It's Help To Your Visitor To Understanding About Your Post.

➤Use Dashes Or Other Word Separator.

➤Always Use Small Letter or Lower Case Letter In Permalink Inside.

➤Avoid Using Any Symbol Inside Permalink.

➤Never Used Stop-Word Looks Likes Below: Your, The, And Other Preposition Words.

Conclusion :

That's It; Enjoy, Happy SEO Optimization.

Bloggers Can Use this Trick to Remove Unnecessary Words from Post Permalinks, And This URLs Helps with Optimizing Your Search Engine Rankings. 😀 Hopefully This Article May Be Helpful For You. Don't Forget To Share This Post. Also Get More Awesome Genuine Article Please Subscribe Our Blog.💭


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